Sunset over the Laramie Range

Sunset over the Laramie Range

Again, my search for the “perfect” sunset.

Sherry and I had a visit from our daughter Brianna and her family this afternoon, and as they were getting ready to leave I was noticing the clouds building a little to the west.  This looks like a good night to shoot a sunset, I thought. After our visitors drove away from the house, I asked Sherry if she would go west with me to shoot the sunset, and, to my delight, she said she would.

I grabbed my camera and my tripod and we piled into the car and headed off into the sunset.  With around 60,000 people, Cheyenne is the largest city in Wyoming, and is the closest thing we have to an urban area. Yet just a few miles west, the land opens up and antelope outnumber the people.  That was where I wanted to go, to catch the clouds and the color as the sun dips behind the horizon.

When we finally stopped, we were at about 8,000 feet in elevation and leaning into a stout 40 mph wind.  With the rays of the sun now almost parallel to the ground, there wasn’t much warmth to be had to ward off the cold of the wind.  I climbed out of the car, leaving Sherry inside with the heater running, and went to seek the colors.

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly things shift.  The sun seems to take forever to get to the horizon, followed by a 5 minute light show, and then that’s it – all done.  As a photographer, the challenge is to catch the light in the right place and the right time.  Tonight I got close, but the real colors were somewhere else.

The true joy and beauty of the night, however, was sitting next to me in the car.  Having Sherry along with me was just wonderful, and I think we may have discovered a new activity to share.  She wants me to teach her about photography, and I want to teach her.  Her enthusiasm can lead to all manner of excursions, and we can share so very much on these outings as we seek photographic opportunities.

I’m afraid I fell short of finding the perfect sunset again.  But I had the perfect companion with me, and after almost 36 years into my relationship with Sherry, that’s sure a nice feeling.


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