What does the Wind Look Like?



How does one take a picture of the wind?

The fact of the matter is that without some high tech camera that captures air movement, you can’t do it.  What can be done, however, is to shoot the results of the wind.  Hence the picture above.

Winter in Cheyenne is often an exercise in dreariness.  Snow falls, wind blows piling it up in drifts, then a few days later the temperature goes up and the snow melts again.

Today we had the high temperature and the wind.  We had a day where the temperature and the wind speed hit equal numbers – 60 and 60.  As I write this, it sounds like an airplane is right outside my house revving up its jet engines.

I wanted to relay the actual ferocity of the wind by way of a photo.  This scene is in the parking lot adjacent to our office.  The snow is left over from the last big snowfall of a couple weeks ago, and it was melting all day creating the small lake at the bottom of the picture.

Two things are happening here that shouldn’t typically happen.  First is that there are whitecaps on the water.  This is a puddle in a parking lot.  There shouldn’t be any movement in the water because there just isn’t that much water. Yet, as you can see, there is plenty of movement.

The second item is the lid to the dumpster.  It is not stuck in this position. It is halfway up because the wind is blowing it up.  It’s just not natural.

Lest you think I am a complainer, dear reader, it is not so.  Grumbler at times, perhaps, but we must take the good with the bad.  Wyoming is such a glorious place to be in the summer and the fall that it’s only right that we have to suffer a little with the wind in the winter and spring. Suffer may be too strong of a word, but it is, at best, inconvenient.

It isn’t possible to take pictures of the wind, but this is pretty close.  It does keep the air clean, however.


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