The Room

The Room

It’s done.

The room in our basement is complete.  I wrote about the room here and here over the last month.  This is a project that began in concept a year-and-a-half ago when Sherry and I looked into what was at the time a musty storage room where the walls were falling apart and the spiders ruled the day.

We decided that we needed to reclaim the room for our use and kick out the spiders.  We began by purchasing 4×8 sheets of repurposed gym floor from Repurposed Materials in Denver. These were 1 5/8 inches thick and made of three separate layers.  They were incredibly heavy and impossible for me to move by myself.

Enter our sons-in-law, Corey and Caleb.  They helped me cut the panels in half with a circular saw, then drag the 2×8 foot panels into our basement, where they sat for a long time.

There was a lot of work that needed to be done before we even got into the room, and finally the time came where the floor could go down.

Corey came over and helped me lay the panels on the wood frame before I had my shoulder cut open.  Then he came over this weekend and finished the floor, installing the trim around the edges and wiring a light in the ceiling.

Sherry helped Corey with this part of the project, and then she completed my least favorite part of any project – she cleaned it up and put things back in order.

So this is it.

A third reclaimed room in our basement.  When we moved in 12 years ago, the basement was kind of a throwaway space that was so damp, dirty and mildewy that it was not usable.  Now we have a basement that is really a part of the house, and the foundation is shored up for the next 100 years.

This photo is not to be confused with good photography, and, even with a wide angle lens, it doesn’t capture the whole thing.  But it’s done, and we’re happy with it.

UPDATE – Yesterday I wrote about my synchronous diaphragmatic flutter.  Sherry just told me that I was hiccuping every 5 to 10 seconds, all day long, for three days.  I went to bed last night praying for relief and woke up today without a single hiccup.  That part is done, and I am on nothing stronger than Naproxen for the pain in my shoulder.  The difference in 24 hours is amazing, and I am thrilled to be quiet once again.


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2 Responses to “Fini”

  1. Mitchell Lorens Says:

    Congratulations and with this done it’s time to build yourself a little studio down there. Hallelujah time, what a difference a day makes sometimes. Productive and healthy is a good combination. Stay in flight.


    • Matthew Potter Says:

      Thank you Mitchell! It’s a real joy to be complete with this project. I’m afraid a studio down there is not in the cards for now, but it has become our gym. Somewhere along the line a studio would be nice – a place to work on shooting and writing, as well as hang some of my photography. My office at work resembles that right now, even though photography is just another hat I wear there. Thanks for your encouraging words! And thanks for following me. Matt

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