On the porch

On the porch

Well, Dear Readers, an update on the surgical adventures of yours truly.

The old man’s shoulder is healing well, and I’m getting my range of motion back through torture stretching exercises. The stretches look so simple on the paper the doc handed me, causing me to think “Ha! This is nothing!  Give me a challenge!”  I cry when I do them, they hurt so much.  My shoulder, after the abuse heaped upon it by the surgeon and his tools, screamed in protest each time I lifted it more than perpendicular to the floor.

But now I feel like I am getting somewhere.  I have more mobility than I had, and I only cry a little now.  Whimpering would be a more appropriate term.  I start PT with the real torturers physical therapists on Wednesday, and in no time at all I’ll be back to moving my arms without pain.

A little side effect came from the medication that is really quite bothersome has, however, shown itself.  I was taking some opioids, which were terrific at handling the pain, but gave me  – let me be gentle here – synchronous diaphragmatic flutter.


These are not your ordinary hiccups which are kind of cute and elicit gentle giggles from people.  No, these are violent and shake my whole upper body, accompanied by stuff coming the wrong way in the esophagus.  It prevents sleep, and causes extraordinary fatigue because of the violent, and constant, movement.  I am having a hard time holding things together, and I’m pretty sure no jury would convict me of a heinous crime arising out of this condition.

My earthly angel, Sherry, searched the internet last night for solutions to this problem and came up with a couple OTC drugs meant to combat the rising of the stuff in my system, which is ultimately due to a hiatal hernia that seems to have been awakened from the narcotics, like Smaug in his lair being awakened by Bilbo.  The result is much the same, with me suffering the indignities of dragon fire in my digestive tract.

The drugs seem to have calmed things down considerably, but not completely, and the  synchronous diaphragmatic fluttering is a real bear with which to deal.

Hence the green plant.  Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day that felt like a day for a bike ride or run. Alas, I was not anywhere close to that activity, so I sat in a chair on our sun porch.  The sun, having made it’s way across the southern sky to reach near it’s western edge, was pouring through the windows and the translucence of the plant leaves.  The shadows showing from the leaves behind, casting themselves in silhouettes through the leaves in front, gave an extra dimension to the leaves.  It was a nice distraction from the events described above.

Thanks, Dear Readers, for sticking with me on this.  I enjoy the writing and shooting immensely, and it helps me get through the stickiness of this little bit of recovery.


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One Response to “Recovery”

  1. Mitchell Lorens Says:

    Wow, you have some tough issues going on. I admire you for continuing your blog. Good luck and get well soon.


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