I’d like you to meet my friend, Dr. Mohammed Salih.

Mohammed is a retired educator, having taught in universities and community colleges for many years.  Originally from Sudan, he and his family have lived in Cheyenne or a long time.

Mohammed is also the Imam at the Southeast Wyoming Islamic Center in Cheyenne.  He is a gentle man, a scholar, and just a wonderful human being.

Mohammed joined our Bishop, the Rabbi of the local synagogue, and several Protestant pastors who came together for an extraordinary event, an Interfaith Prayer Service.  This is the second year of the Prayer Service, and it occurs on the first day of the Wyoming State Legislative Session.

It took place at St. Mary’s Cathedral, and was attended by members of the Legislature, the Secretary of State, the State Treasurer, the State Auditor, the Superintendent of Public Schools, members of the Supreme Court, the Mayor of Cheyenne, and a good number of the general public.  We all gathered in prayer for the work being done by our lawmakers and all those involved in the apparatus of a representative government.

There were no arguments, no clashes of personalities, no arm-waving displays of dogmatic imperialism.  Rather, this was just a large group of people coming together in prayer, asking for God’s grace and blessing upon their work.

Mohammed was a big part of this.   I’m proud to call him my friend.


For more pictures of today’s prayer service, go to my SmugMug site.

To see our Bishop’s blog about this event, go here.


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