Where’d that come from?



I am departing from my usual high standards today in showing you this pile of … poop.

Why, pray tell, would I do such a thing?

This isn’t just any kind of poop, but rather antelope poop.  The reason it is so special is because it is in the road right in front of our home.  I know it’s antelope poop because antelope have been in the neighborhood, and a group of them were eating the flowers in my neighbors yard.  Plus I know what antelope poop looks like.

This wouldn’t be so unusual except for the fact that I live two blocks from the state capitol in the largest city in Wyoming.  This is a renegade herd that usually spends their time on the confines of FE Warren Air Force Base, a very large encampment with lots of grass and open space, which is just what antelope love.  They have apparently worked their way down here browsing in neighborhood yards along the way.

These are probably the safest antelope in Wyoming. Nobody shoots at them and people watch out for them on the road.  Everybody gets a little excited when they see them near their home or in the road on a side street. Antelope are thick as flies across the state, and seeing them on the plains is really not a big deal.  It’s more surprising when they show up in front of the house.

If you come over to my home, don’t step in the antelope poop.


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