Snow day

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Today pretty much guarantees that no self-respecting groundhog is going to come out of his hidey-hole tomorrow, because he is going to have to climb up through a foot of snow.  We are in the midst of what one might call “seasonal weather” for the high plains.  That means really cold, 30 mph winds and 24 hours of snow.

Here it is the worst weather in a while, and I chose to walk to work today.  It’s not bad, really, as I only have about 5 blocks.  As I was walking, I watched cars struggling to get around, and I congratulated myself on  making the foot-travel decision because it was safer than being on the road.

The Capitol is about halfway between home and the office, and because of construction it is closed these days.  Despite that, it is a grand building and the tallest thing around these parts.  It’s pretty easy to pick out, too, as there aren’t any other gold-domed buildings nearby.

There’s nothing on fire here, just steam coming out the exhaust tubes from the underground heating plant that heats the capitol and the Herschler building, an office building that sits next to the Capitol.  On cold days like today, the steam rises out of the ground as though the earth has opened up to let the smoke from hades itself come to the surface.  Then the Capitol dome, gold against the gray sky, rises out of the ashes and smoke like the Phoenix, in defense of democracy and freedom.

The snow will stop at some point, and somewhere down the road it will warm up again.  Tomorrow the groundhog sleeps in, while I fire up the snow blower and clear the block.

I love living here.



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