Miss me?



I’ve been absent.  Busy, but absent.

The weekend past was a bit of a whirlwind. Rather than detail the whole thing, which would likely be the source of immense disinterest to anyone but me, let’s just say it was full.

There was one project we worked on that is nearing its completion.  We have a room in our basement that needed some work done on the foundation to mitigate deterioration of the concrete.

Our house was built around 1906. Concrete foundations were poured by men who mixed the cement, sand and aggregate on the site, then poured it into forms. There was no big concrete mixer truck to show up with all the material ready to go on the ground.  When the concrete was poured in, there were no electric vibrators to mix the layers, either.  The end result is that one could see the layers as they were poured when looking at the foundation wall. After all these years, the cement in the walls was sloughing off, and it needed some assistance to stay together.

Hence the project.  It involved bags of fortified mortar, shovels, trowels and a lot a sweat.  After smearing it all over the walls, it stabilized the foundation for the next 100 years.

The next step was to paint the walls and the door, followed by replacing the floor.  The old floor sat on 2×4 joists, which sat on dirt.  No concrete floor, here.  We have to tear out the old floor, tamp the dirt, replace the 2x4s and replace the floor.  That comes this week.

The painting, however, is done.  This is the door to the room, and for years it was pretty dysfunctional.  After some adjustment with a planer, it now closes like it was designed, more or less, considering that frame is a bit cattywampus.  This is it before it became all brown.

This week we’ll finish it.  Maybe I’ll get a picture of the completed project.

But that’s where I was.


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