That was great…



Sherry has taken on a new ministry where she finds housing for people who travel to Cheyenne for diocesan events.  She has done this for a couple years now, and the first event was the Right to Life march last year.  She did it again this year, and the one request she got was from a group of teenagers and their chaperones who live in the Powell – Cody area, which is a 7 hour drive from Cheyenne.

In the end, we talked about having these folks just stay with us.  Kind of a scary thought as there are 9 teenagers in the group.  They did stay with us, and it was the most incredible blessing we could have received.

This is a fine group of people.  They are friendly, polite, responsible and faith-filled.  They give me great hope for the future of our world, and we are grateful to God that they joined us for the weekend.


One Response to “That was great…”

  1. Marion Spiering, President of Park County Teens for Life Says:

    Thank you so very much for all your wonderful hospitality over the weekend. We all had a great time. We also like the pictures.


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