Another day at the office

Another day at the office

I find it utterly amazing that I get to do what I do.

I’m in Casper for a meeting of our clergy.  We have these meetings, or Institutes, twice a year. The one we have in January is just for the clergy, and while I am definitely not clergy, I always attend.  It’s a working trip, as I schedule meetings and hold workshops.

After the meetings we go to Mass.  Our Bishop is the celebrant, and we have 40 priests concelebrating. We also have 25 deacons in attendance as well, making this an extraordinary event.

Our priests and deacons are wonderful men.  So very dedicated and filled with the Spirit.  I have great love and respect for every one of them.

All this getting-together is for a couple reasons:  The exchange of information, education, and sharing the sacraments.  But the real reason is …


Plain and simple, without Jesus there is no Church, no priests, no Institute.  The Church is the Church of Jesus Christ, who is still its head.

Yup, it’s great.  And amazing.


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  1. Janet Materi Says:

    Nice, Matt! I get what you are feeling.


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