Just another sunset

Front Range goodnight

Front Range goodnight

This sunset is just another sunset.

Yet it’s perfect, a combination of colors and textures that make it unlike any other sunset either before or  yet to come.

Just like any other sunset, it is fleeting and impossible to grab. We take images of them in our minds, our cameras, and on our canvasses, yet if we were to look at the exact same spot a single second later, it would be different. If we look at photos taken by two different people of the same sunset at the same time, we would find them to be different as well.

Sunsets are ethereal. We marvel at their beauty, yet would be unable to prove they existed without capturing an image that only holds a fraction of a second of the dense weave of their celestial hair.

We capture these images so that we can recall the awesome beauty of the manifestation of the works of God. We are then able to recall how we captured light in a bottle, and give glory to Go for the gifts we have.

Sunsets are fleeting. They only last a few minutes before they fade to black and are gone, never to be seen in that exact way again.

People are much like sunsets.  They, too, change second-by-second. Because people, like sunsets, are around us all the time, we grow used to them and take them for granted, always knowing that they will be around again tomorrow.  Until they are not.

Treasure each second of a sunset, and each second you share with family and friends.  Don’t waste your time arguing over petty things, or forgetting to tell someone you love him. As quickly as sunsets change, so does life.  What was once here is now gone, and there is no way to get it back.

Love the sunset, like the people in your life, as the perfect gifts they are.


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