Just another sunset

Just another sunset

Just another sunset

I drove to Casper from Cheyenne yesterday for meetings that took place today.  It’s 18o miles, door to door, and it takes 2 hours and 15 minutes if I don’t stop.

In the 31 years we’ve lived in Cheyenne, I must have made this trip 1,000 times.  I know every inch of the road, where to go to the bathroom, where to get some coffee, where to get gas, where the wind is going to be the worst, and where the eagle perches next to the Platte River.

It’s the kind of drive that can get so mundane, so routine, that you can miss what’s around you.  Like sunsets.

I’m usually on a pretty tight schedule when I make this trip, so I don’t take a lot of time to really look around.  But last night and tonight, I had some leeway with the time of arrival, meaning I could get off the road and see things from a perspective that was not from inside a car going 80 miles an hour.

I was watching the clouds form around the edges of the mountains, knowing something special was taking place.  I was now officially on the lookout for a place to pull off the road and capture the sunset over the Laramie Range.

The “perfect” spot was the exit to Glendo, which I took with vigor as it crept upon me before I was really ready.  I had to be heavy on the brakes, or else I would have missed the road and ended up who-knows-where.  At the bottom of a ramp is a stop sign, and a left turn takes you to to Howards gas station, the usual stop, while a right puts you on a dirt road towards the (very, very) small town of Esterbrook. That’s where I went.

I was in search of the perfect sunset.  It always seems like I’m in search of the perfect sunset, which, by definition means I haven’t found it.  If it was perfect, I could stop looking because it would never be better.  The problem is that I haven’t defined perfect, which makes the search for it tough.

Perfect is so subjective.  The skies in Wyoming are phenomenal, and if there is ever to be a perfect sunset, it will be here.

The more I think about it, every sunset is perfect. It’s the perfect sunset for that moment, and it is just the way it is supposed to be.  I can revel in the glory of this small piece of creation, and that glory is only added to by the trip it takes to get there.  It’s the difference between going from one place to another, and seeing what’s on the way.

So here’s the perfect sunset.  If I get a chance tomorrow, I’ll take another shot of a perfect sunset.

My trip home tonight, aided by my search for the perfect sunset, took over 3 hours.  I believe I will start accounting for a longer drive to Casper.


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One Response to “Just another sunset”

  1. Ingrid Borah Says:

    let’s see, if you were to leave a half hour earlier, you could get to the top of Casper Mountain and have a really good view of sunrise…happens here every day…..:)


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