The West Edge

The West Edge

One of the benefits of this project has been looking out for things that I would not normally notice.  This was the case late this afternoon, and I found something I didn’t even know existed.

The large building in the shot above is abandoned.  It was a power generating structure at one point a long time ago, but today it sits silent and empty, devoid of windows and people.  Pigeons make their homes in it, but aside from that, life stopped existing there some time ago.

I knew that this building existed, and its story, and there was a sunset shaping up that I wanted to capture.  The combination of the old building and the dramatic sunrise was, I knew, going to make a great photo.

Once I got there, I could not find the angle I wanted after walking around for a few minutes.  I got back in my truck and drove a little to the parking lot of a prefabricated concrete building that houses some sort of school.

It was the playground that stood out for me on the bitterly cold afternoon.  I had no idea whatsoever that there was a school or day care inside this building.  That’s when I saw the chance to take this shot.

The chain link fence reminded me of a prison, as schools sometimes do.  But each morning from Monday  thru Friday, little kids are playing  and having a good time.  More things I would not have noticed…




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