Catching up

Here's looking at you

Here’s looking at you

In the beginning of this project, I committed to a picture and a post a day.  I Missed posting yesterday, although I did take a photo.  Today I catch up.

This big fella is on the east side of the Wyoming State Capitol.  I have walked and driven past him hundreds, maybe thousands of times.  Every time I see him, I am awestruck by the reality of the sculpture, to the point where walking up to him, I almost expect him to turn his head to look at me.

I would never do that to the real deal.  Since hunting bison at the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming 6 years ago, I have gained a love for this animal that I never thought possible.  I always pictured them as lumbering behemoths who were as challenging to shoot as milk cow.

If that were the case, bison would have been extinct a long time ago.  They are some of the oldest mammals on the earth, and I’m certain they will be here for a long time to come.

The bison is the state animal of Wyoming, and it’s silhouette is on the state flag.  In many ways, it’s deeply symbolic of the people of Wyoming.  The bison is built to withstand the toughest environment – many feet of snow, below zero temperatures for extended periods of time, long winters and food that’s hard to reach.

Wyomingites are built for tough environments as well.  While we can get food in the grocery store and then go home to a heated home, the small numbers of people and an energy based economy that goes up and down like a yo-yo make this a tough place to live.

Like the bison, we just keep getting up each day and going to work, knowing that those before us had it a lot harder than we have it now.

That’s why I like looking at this guy and why I find him inspiring.



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