Put a head on it

Put a head on it

The snow returned to Cheyenne last  night, giving us a fresh, new blanket of powder in 15 degree cold.  As I have stated in the past, the wind in southeast Wyoming can have devastating effects on just a few inches of snow, turning it into the stuff of whiteouts and deadly crashes.  Just a little snowfall can turn I-80 into a zone of destruction and terror.

We live as much in town as you can get – just a couple blocks from the capitol building.  Here it’s quite different than on the interstate, or even just on the edges of the city, as the wind does not typically blow and cause all the drifting and  misery so many of our friends must endure. When it snows, it comes straight down, as though you were in the middle of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

I love the snow, and so does Sherry.  This planter is on our front steps, and the frothy head on it is the result of a day’s worth of snow fall.  We actually got a fair amount more than this shows, but it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly beautiful snow can make things.

It’s easy to curse the snow, especially if you have to work or drive in it.  Yet when we go out at night, we get to see things like this that tell us that with all that is not right in the world, here is a little slice of calm.

It’s still coming down, straight down, and it is just glorious!  Thank you God for the snow.



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