Boys Night Out

Matt and Gary

Matt and Gary

I want you to meet another good friend of  mine.

The guy next to me is Gary Kietzmann, one of my dearest friends.  Gary and I have been friends since about 1990 – 25 years.  I met him when I was in the investment business, helping members in credit unions.  Gary was based in Fort Collins, Colorado and I was in Cheyenne.

We studied for our CFP designations together, and finished at the same time.  When I got out of the business and knew I needed someone who could take care of my clients the way they deserved, I went to him and asked if he would do that.  He agreed, and I am pretty sure I would not have gotten out of the business without his saying yes.

We’ve shared some significant life events together, and he and his wife Rita are two people Sherry and I treasure as good friends.

Last night I took Gary with me to the annual meeting of the Young Men’s Literary Club of Cheyenne.  I am a member of the club and have been since 2007.

It’s a remarkable organization, in existence continuously since 1902.  Its membership is 30 men plus a group of emeritus members.  We meet every Tuesday from September to May.  Those in membership are leaders of business, government, law, medicine, religion, science, and other fields.  Each Tuesday night, as I look around the room at the other members, I ask myself “How did I get in here?”  Funny thing is, each member has asked that very question about himself as well.

Our annual meeting is where we select officers for the year, and its a black tie event with good food and great conversation.  I asked Gary to join me because it is a very special event for me, and I wanted to share it with him.  It was all we expected and then some.

What a wonderful evening.  Thanks, Gary, for joining me.



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