The Magi

The Magi

The Feast of the Epiphany celebrates the manifestation of our Lord to the Magi, those three kings of the orient who bore gifts.

I had always been of the notion that the Kings arrived in Bethlehem shortly after the birth of Jesus. However, I recently read an account that dispels that notion, telling us that they may have arrived as long as two years after the birth of Jesus.  The argument says that they had to travel, by camel, anywhere from 500 to 1,000 miles. In addition, they didn’t start until they saw the star, which appeared after Jesus was born.

The second part of the argument says that Herod, finding out from the Magi when the star appeared, then ordered the slaying of all male children under two years old,  intimating that the kings showed up a fairly long time after the birth of Christ.

We’ll let the theologians and historians argue about the timing.  Today we remember their appearance before the Lord, bearing gifts of great value, worshiping this infant / toddler. Then they went home, ignoring Herod’s devious request that they come back to him after their visit so he could worship this new king as well.

Today we moved the Magi from their far eastern hiding place in our home to the Nativity set.  Yes, it’s still up, as is our Christmas tree and the wreath on our front porch.  Christmas is celebrated from the 25th on – not from Halloween to the 25th.  We got it all backwards somewhere along the way, and I know that there are holdouts like us who do this sort of thing.

Happy Epiphany!  Thanks to the Magi for making the trip, even though I am certain it was filled with trials and tribulations.  I can’t imagine riding a camel for 1,000 miles.

Merry Christmas!  We still have a week to go, right up until the Baptism of our Lord on January 10.

We are still playing Christmas music, too.


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