On Having a Cold

The Cold Position

The Cold Position

I have spent the last two weeks on a staycation. It’s been wonderful, really.  I love spending time with Sherry, and I don’t think I got in her way too much. I also started – and got a long way into it – a reconstruction project in our basement.  It required skills I wasn’t sure I had, as well as some hard, physical labor and getting really dirty.

I got to spend a lot of time with family, which was way better than a project that made me dirty, tired and sore.  Way better.  Chandra and her family joined us for an early Christmas two weeks ago, which had a bit of a roadblock in that both Chandra and her baby Cassius were ill.  It was great having them here, but it stinks watching your baby, and her baby, being sick.

Brianna and her family joined us on Christmas Eve and we had a great time there, too.  Except for the fact that Sherry came down with a cold the week before, which seemed to drain the very life out of her.  The only thing harder than seeing your child not feeling well is seeing your wife not feeling well.

Sherry’s illness carried on for a long time, but she felt good enough on Wednesday so that we could have over Brianna’s children while she and Corey got some time together.  Roman, 4, was going to spend the night with us, so when Mom and Dad left, we got out the toys and games and he promptly lost interest.  It turned out that he had a fever – 101.4.  No sleepover that night.

Sherry pretty much recovered, and then last night I felt it coming on. I had thought I was immune to it, after having proven my manliness with the hard work and getting really dirty thing.  Alas, it was not to be, and I have contracted the dreaded cold.

By noon today, I felt as though someone had given me a bottle of sleeping pills and took all the energy I had.  If someone was chasing me and demanding my money, I would just let him have it.

For the next 24 hours or so, this is me.  Those are my slippers, and in the background is the show “Wanted: Dead or Alive” with a very young Steve McQueen.  I would be willing to place a large bet on the fact that this picture will be repeated tomorrow, with football on the TV instead of an old western.

By Monday, I HAVE to be better.  Work – lots of work – is waiting for me at  – wait for it – ……… work!

Fortunately, I love my work, so there is no dread involved.  I just hate sneezing, runny noses, no energy and headaches.

Thanks be to God for my cold.  It puts me in touch with the reality that I am not, even the slightest bit, in control of anything.  Which means that even though I HAVE to be better, there’s a pretty good chance that won’t be the case.

Looks like the end of the staycation, and maybe the beginning of work-from-home sick time.  In the meantime, it’s the last week of the NFL regular season.  Don’t worry – I’ll get through it.


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