Sunset on the high plains

Sunset on the high plains

It was cold, as in 12 degrees with a wind.

I wanted a classic shot of the sun going down behind the mountains, but try as I might, it just wasn’t there.  Then I turned around and saw that the high plains outside Cheyenne were taking on a color I had never before noticed.

It wasn’t that the sun was reflecting off anything, as the sky was barren of clouds.  It was just the color of the air had turned blue and pink, and the cold seemed to make the edges of the air sharp as a knife.

People from out of state come here for the mountains, specifically those in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  Those iconic places are incredible in their beauty, and it would be hard to be disappointed after seeing them.

Yet Wyoming is definitely NOT all mountains.  The area around Cheyenne is typical of much of our state in that it is a vast, treeless plain.  The plains are not what a lot of people would call beautiful, but I have grown to love them.

Fence posts are ubiquitous around here, and they are fraught with symbolism of the taming of the west. Fences may be able to keep the cows in, but they have never been able to stop the color that envelopes the plains.  They can’t stop the wind, either.

Or the cold.


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