Hard lesson

Lions Park Community House

Lions Park Community House

This is not the shot I wanted.

It’s OK, but in my mind’s eye, it was much grander and more colorful.  At least that’s how I planned it. It didn’t turn out that way, though.

In the beginning of this project, I stated that some of these shots wouldn’t be very good.  Tonight’s is a case in point.

I didn’t fail because I lost my touch, or forgot everything I learned about taking photos.  Rather, it didn;t work because of poor planning.

I originally wanted to get shots of the sunset tonight, but got roped into the Bronco’s game. What a mistake that was.  So I put off my shot until it was dark, thinking I would go to Lion’s park in Cheyenne, take the shot of the Community House across the frozen lake and come away with a great shot.

Things don’t always turn out as planned.  I grabbed a 11-22 mm lens for a wide-angle shot, leaving the other lenses at home.  When I got to the park and set up, it was immediately noticeable that I didn’t have enough lens to capture the image I wanted.

I took the shot and was unhappy with it.  Wondering how I would salvage this, I then went to a different part of the park to shoot some Christmas lights that were interesting.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into the place where the lights were hung, and I was too far away to get a good image.

This is what I have today – an un-special shot and a good lesson. Keep my camera with me, look for the shot, take the shot when it comes, and don’t wait until the last minute.

A good lesson.  It may not be the shot I wanted, but I think it’s the shot I was supposed to get.


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