Chandra. Caleb, Oskar and Cassius

Chandra. Caleb, Oskar and Cassius

We spent last night and today with our daughter Chandra, her husband Caleb and their two boys, Oskar and Cassius.  They have a conflict in Christmas, and so we pushed up our celebration with them by a few days. It has been joyful being with them.

When Chandra was growing up, I never would have imagined that she would become a wife and mother.  She just never really showed any interest in it, and when she was a teenager she flat-out stated that she was not going to have children. Ever.

How wrong she was.

Oskar turned 2 just a few weeks ago.  And he is ALL 2. I have never seen such energy in a human being.  He loves to play, he loves to be around people, and he loves his mom and dad and his brother.

Cassius is 5 months old.  He is a wonderful cuddler and seems to smile all the time.

Being a grandparent is a whole different gig than being a parent.  The responsibilities are different, the way we look at children is different, and our level of patience is different.  The love that is held in our heart for our grandchildren, all 4 of them, is so enormous and so deep, yet it does not diminish the love we have for our children at all.  In fact, in the miracle that is love, it is the only thing we can give away and still have more.

Our children are wonderful mothers, and they married loving, hard-working men who love them and are outstanding fathers.  Life isn’t always a smooth road, but they roll with the ups and downs and come out stronger and wiser.  Raising kids is a most challenging job, and they and their husbands handle it with grace and love.

Both Sherry and I are very, very proud of our girls and their husbands.  We couldn’t ask for better grandchildren, either.  Thanks be to God for this great, great gift.


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