I don’t believe I have ever seen a sky as blue as the one I saw today.

We are in Big Horn, Wyoming again this weekend. The ostensible reason for making our way here was to hunt deer. I still have some tags to fill, there are too  many deer here, and the season ends in a few days.

The real reason we are here is to be with good friends.  Deer hunting is the excuse.  We really don’t need an excuse, though.

We paused in our quest for deer to wait for them to come to us, rather than us to them. I took off my pack and laid down in the grass beneath a tree.  When I looked up, I saw the bluest sky there has ever been.  The tree had the leftovers of the fall on its branches, giving it a wispy presence that was magnified against the blue background.

There are times that the unexpected come right from what’s all around us.  The sky was open and present all day, but it took lying down and looking up to see the magnificence and depth of beauty in something that I was overlooked and took for granted.

Lots of things like that in our lives, aren’t there?


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