The Lookout

The Lookout

A continuation of 2 themes from recent posts.  The first has to do with paying attention.

Gargoyles are ancient, and they are mentioned in texts from Church leaders from nearly a thousand years ago.  The word is that they are reminders of the consequences of sin.  They can be found on many old Gothic churches, including this one on St. Mary’s Cathedral in Cheyenne.

One would think that a figure so out of the ordinary would be easy to see, but that would be a false assumption.  They sit up high –  this one was probably 20 feet off the ground.  Unless we are paying attention, we won’t ever see them. So many people I see are so busy that they either have to stare into their smart phone or look down to see where they are going.  That seems like a pretty common theme for us – that we fail to see the joys around us because we are so busy looking down.


The other theme is waiting.  Gargoyles seem to be waiting for something to happen, yet we never know what.  We are waiting for something, too, and we DO know what – the birth of the Christ Child.  Patience is what is needed.  Some gargoyles have been waiting for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.  We just have a few weeks left.

Let’a not be like those gargoyles.  We just need to have patience and pay attention to what is around us.


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