It's all around us

It’s all around us

As I listen to the radio, Christmas music is making a strong appearance.  My Pandora stations have more than a few Christmas themes to them as well.  My favorite Christmas music is the soundtrack to “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and I usually cry when I listen to it.  I must have played that CD a thousand times.

You can’t really go anywhere without running into Christmas.  Yesterday I expressed my displeasure with the rush to Christmas, and then tonight on the way home I realized that regardless of what I want, regardless of what I think is right, it’s not what most of the world is doing.  For the vast majority of people in Cheyenne, we are in the midst of Christmas.

On the one hand, that’s frustrating, because it is Advent. On the other hand, the city takes on a different, more pleasant, look.  I love looking at the lights on the houses and seeing the decorations on the downtown street lights.  This photo is the a wall of the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.  Even the streetlights are getting into the spirit!

People take on a different look, too. Beginning with Thanksgiving, we see a lot more smiles and are greeted by more and friendlier people.  In places where there are long lines and lots of people – the mall, the Post Office – and thus would typically see the worst grumpiness come out in individuals, we find that grumpiness remarkably absent.

The lights, the smiles, the friendly gestures and the lack of animosity towards ones neighbors are a direct result of the upcoming Christmas celebration.

I guess I could run around and excoriate those who push Christmas to unnatural beginnings, or even those who wait until after Thanksgiving, but really I think I’ll enjoy it.  If I grouse about everyone being wrong, what does it gain me but a sense of self-righteousness and a reputation as a crabby know-it-all?

Our tree won’t go up for a while, but I’m not going to insist that everyone else follow suit. No one would listen, anyway.  So I’ll enjoy it and listen to the soundtrack from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” again.  Maybe a thousand more times.


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