Faster than the speed of life


I-25 near FE Warren AFB

I-25 near FE Warren AFB

The world moves pretty fast.  Sometimes it feels like it will run right over me if I don’t keep up.  The problem is that I CAN’T keep up. No one can.  We create an unrealistic set of expectations about how things ought to be, then curse the situation because it’s not the way we wanted it.

Maybe that doesn’t make any sense, but much of the world makes no sense.  We have to rush here and there, running from one place to another and missing everything in between.  When drive in Cheyenne, I always use the shortest route.  I miss the journey for the sake of the destination.

I find I do that quite often.  Feeling stressed and overwhelmed with all that there is to do, I do some mental triage and treat the part that is bleeding the most.  Who has time to stop and smell the roses when I can’t even see the plants?

I miss a lot by rushing from place to place.  I am told that, in addition to rushing to get somewhere, I tend to rush over people as well.

The trite advice is to, as I alluded to earlier, stop and smell the roses.  That, as the cliche goes, is easier said than done.  This path I am on is well-worn and difficult to leave.  Somehow, someway it all needs to slow down.

Holy Spirit, take my hand and hold me back.  Let me see the glory of the works of God, and not pass them by.  Help me to realize that by slowing down, by not pretending that I can run a hundred miles an hour with my hair on fire and not get burned, that I can revel in your love and care, and the love and care of those around me.

The world is going to do its thing.  I don’t have to.


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