Sunsets around here are pretty special.  Every night offers up something different, and it changes radically from place to place.

This lonely looking place is about three blocks from our office.  Even though it looks like a side road in a small town, if I turned around I would be able to see the Capitol, the library, and a host of office buildings in the heart of the largest city in the state.

That’s how it is here, however.  We’re not hicks, but big-city life is not an attraction.  There’s a spirit of independence which is foisted upon us by the reality that if we don’t take care of ourselves,  no one will.  Wyoming tends to be a forgotten state, the flyover of flyovers.  When I am at a conference out of town and people find out that I’m from Wyoming, I generally hear either “Oh, I’ve been to Jackson Hole” or “I drove through Wyoming once on my way to Chicago.”  My response is that Jackson Hole isn’t really Wyoming (sorry friends in Jackson) and that lots of people drive through Wyoming, but only a few of us are tough enough to stick it out.

I’ll take it, though.  I love Wyoming, and I love living in Cheyenne.  Family, friends and jobs are here, and have been for more than 30 years.

And sunsets.


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