Best day of work. Ever.

Fr. Stolcis and Fr. Fraher

Fr. Stolcis and Fr. Fraher


Amazing. Truly amazing.

To see the work of the Holy Spirit right smack in front of me, and to be in the middle of it, is a blessing of extraordinary proportions.

First was the birthday Mass of Fr. Joe Fraher.  He celebrated his 90th birthday today, in his 55th year as a priest for the Diocese of Cheyenne.  Next to him is Fr. Ron Stolcis, good friend of Fr. Fraher and also a retired priest from the Diocese of Cheyenne.

These two wonderful, faith-filled and holy men represent a century of serving the ministerial and pastoral needs of the people of God in Wyoming.  To celebrate Fr. Fraher’s birthday with these two, a dozen more priests, our bishop and lots of friends and family made the day filled with joy.

A few hours after Mass was complete, I was involved in a meeting that I was not looking forward to.  I believed it had the very real possibility of collapsing around me.  However, my prayers were answered, and, without any detail, things worked out much better than I could ever have imagined.  It was the result of a lot of work, a lot of prayer, and the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Big stuff. Important stuff that will affect the lives of hundreds of people.

Such feelings of satisfaction, of being the instrument of God in doing his work, fills ones very being to the point where you just can’t absorb any more.

I wish that everyone could have that feeling in their job.  I know that many people don’t like their work, but if we look at every task we undertake as giving glory to God and a gift from him, everything changes.

Thanks be to God for our priests. Thanks be to God for his gifts to us. He will never be outdone in generosity!


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