1st Tuesday of Advent

Week one

Week one

Getting started with anything is easy. Continuing on when its inconvenient is hard.  I am just shy of a month of posting every day, just as I had committed to do.  Some days inspiration just jumps right out to me and a picture seems to magically appear in my camera.  Other days its a struggle and the shot doesn’t happen until much later.  But the fact of the matter is that I haven’t missed a day of posting.

Advent is like that.  It was easy to start last Sunday, as the Advent wreath was blessed at Mass and there were lots of reminders about the start of this waiting season.  Here we are just a few days in, and it is already easy to forget.  There is the rush of Christmas, the preparation of all that that is, and I saw a countdown clock today that reminded me we only have 30 days left in 2015!  In addition, I had to go to work an deal with things that required every bit of my attention.

Advent? Who has time to remember Advent?

We are waiting, Lord, for your arrival.  We are looking for the signs, and we are preparing for your birth.  Help us to understand that waiting is what we need to do, and that it will help us grow closer to you.

We have started our waiting, our preparation. Let’s not forget what we are waiting for, and let’s not forget Advent.


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