Thanksgiving and snow

Color into white

Color into white

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, full of warm memories are so comforting in the cold weather.

For many years as a child, our family would celebrate Thanksgiving with the family of my mother’s twin sister.  We would go to their house for Thanksgiving, they they would come to ours on Christmas.  The next year we would do the reverse. It was  a great time, and I always enjoyed my time with them.

When I moved to Montana in 1980, Sherry and I were not yet a thing, although I was working on it.  We shared that first Thanksgiving together with our two roommates. We had no money to speak of, but we pulled together what little we had and made a trip to Safeway to buy potatoes, which were the main ingredients for potato soup.

When I would come home for Thanksgiving vacation from college, word got our before the advent of social media that a football game was to be had at the HS football field in South Milwaukee.  20 guys, most of whom were ex-football jocks, like me, showed up about 10 O’Clock in the morning, in the snow, to try and relive their glory days from HS and play in the Turkey Bowl.  It was always competitive and a lot of fun, and real good to see old friends.

These are memories that fill my heart with joy.  Those guys I played football with are still my friends, and Sherry and I have been together more than 35 years.

Speaking of a long time, these geraniums are on our front porch.  They are nice and warm, while on the other side of the window its in the single digits.  The flowers are more than 8 years old and bring color and an ever-so-subtle hint of a spring that will inevitably come.


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