I was praying this morning when I noticed the sun starting to show itself.  I thought that with a storm coming in, the sunrise might be pretty special.  When I looked outside, I could see it was something special.

When the colors of the sky are so intense, you get a very small window of opportunity to capture that intensity.  I grabbed my camera, my tripod and went out on our front steps in my bathrobe and started shooting.

Sometimes we have the good fortune to be prepared for these events. Sometimes we have to make do.  I would rather have taken these shots with some interesting foreground, and plenty of time to choose my settings and carefully line up everything for the perfect shot.  However, what was presented to me was my neighborhood.

It’s a beautiful place, really, populated by some of the best people I know.  When I look at this shot, it looks like a lot of nice shots of magnificent sunrises.  But the thing that makes it so very unique, so very close to my heart, is that this is where we live, and we are blessed beyond measure with the people who live nearby.

I don’t usually shoot photos in my bathrobe, but you have to take what life gives.  Thanks be to God that he gives us so very, very much, and right off my front steps.IMG_1412


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