Light in the Dark

Winter is a season of darkness, and the darkness can sometimes get to a guy.  I get up in the dark, come home from work in the dark, and even during the day, as my office has no windows, it feels like its dark.

However, that doesn’t mean that its always dark.

I have the great blessing to work right next door to one of the most beautiful churches in Wyoming.  It’s the Cathedral of St. Mary, which is our parish, and it is home to some incredible stained glass.  This is the glass that is above the main entrance to the building, and it is simply awesome in beauty and scope.

I have shot this window dozens of times, but always from the inside.  When the sun hits it from the western sky, it lights up in an almost indescribable display of color and light.  Tonight, as I was leaving work to go home, I noticed that none of the outside lights of the church were on, but from the inside, where Mass was being prayed, the lights were illuminating the Blessed Mother and her baby, Jesus. This is what it looked like from the outside.

Yesterday I wrote about God piercing the darkness when he created the stars.  This is just another example of the light of Christ blazing into the night, reminding us that he is not just held in the church, but that he is everywhere.

What a tremendous sign of hope and beauty.  There’s never a darkness that cannot be overcome with Jesus.

Cathedral of St. Mary


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