Night storm

Night storm

Home again.

We left Big Horn about 9 this morning, and got back to Cheyenne at 1:30.

The weather report kept telling us there was a storm headed our way, and we were in a bit of a race to beat it home.

I’ve mentioned before that the wind blows a little in Cheyenne, and tonight is no exception.  30 mph winds are expected to make the snow fall horizontally, where it piles up in drifts that often get measured in feet.

Talking about the weather is generally not considered a very exciting topic, and blog posts about the weather aren’t very exciting either.  As I considered this thought, it occurred to me that “not exciting” is really a pretty good state of being.

We all dream about that dangerous side of ourselves, the one where we imagine rescuing somebody who fell in the river, or disarming the terrorist before he can do his deeds.  Maybe it’s more like jumping from an airplane, or hunting big game that can hunt us right back.  There are millions of ways to create excitement, and sometimes things really do get exciting.

But life is made up more of the mundane than the thrilling.  Each day for me runs about the same – coffee, prayer, exercise, work, home, dinner, prayer, read, blog, go to bed.  Bringing that all up in a conversation with someone is not terribly invigorating, but it’s just how life is, and I’m pretty happy with it.

When I travel, inevitably someone will ask me “How was your trip?”  My answer is generally “uneventful.”  I want my travels to be uneventful, because that means there were no accidents, emergencies or other problems.  I like things that are uneventful.

What I really like is to look into Sherry’s eyes and feel the excitement that blooms from a lifetime of love. I like to listen to my grandchildren say “Hi Grampa!”  I like to hear my daughters tell me they love me.  I like to spend time with friends, lost in conversation about everything and nothing at the same time.

Those things don’t ever make the news, yet those things make up the  most important moments of my life.  They are not terribly exciting, like talking about the weather, but they are immensely fulfilling.

Our trip home was uneventful.  Yet it’s exciting to be home, warm by the fire with the love of my life.  I’ll take that excitement any day.



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