Sunday afternoon

20151115_132906I’ve spent too much time this fall sitting on a couch watching football.   I love watching g the NFL on Sundays,  but there is something wholly unsatisfying about it.  I often  feel empty and filled with anxiety after its done, as though I know I should have been doing something else.

Yet this Sunday is different,  on several levels. I’m posting this from a hay field near Sheridan, Wyoming. We are waiting  for deer to move into our sights so we can shoot them. I know, it sounds cruel, by it is part of that ho est relationship with food that I wrote about the other day.

Nevertheless,  it’s 58 degrees and sunny,  with a light breeze. We are uder a small tree,  in a dry irrigation ditch, and just reveling in the glory of God’s creation. Greg’s eyelids dropped to the closed position a few minutes ago,  so I am on guard with the binoculars.

If anyone had ever asked if I would rather watch football from my couch or sit in an irrigation ditch on a Sunday afternoon, I’m s u re the answer would have been the former. Now I don’t think so.

There is a peace, a blissful feeling that comes from the quiet, from the sun and from the breeze that is much more satisfying than watching football. I need to do this more often.


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