We hunted all day today on a ranch near Big Horn, Wyoming.  “We” is my friend Greg Marino, who, to my good fortune, made all the arrangements for access to prime hunting areas.  We walked across the majority of the ranch, took two whitetail does, and went home tuckered out.

We are staying with Greg and his wife, Deb.  They are such wonderful people, and we are grateful to them for their hospitality.

I am in awe at the wildlife in this part of Wyoming.  We ran across probably 200 antelope, at least that many mule deer, a fair number of whitetail deer and some prairie dogs.  What a splendid day to enjoy God’s creations!

This picture was taken on the ranch, and it is so very typical of ranches out here.  This tractor was sitting in the shade, just taking a rest.  The people who own and operate these places are great stewards of the land, using everything they have to run their operation.

Thanks be to God for this wonderful world in which we live!


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