Workers in the Vineyard

Church work requires one to wear a lot of hats.  In my particular role, I have the great pleasure to be one of a team of 4 who put together our Diocesan newspaper, The Wyoming Catholic Register.  We wanted to have a picture of the people who work to serve the pastoral and ministerial needs of 59,000 Catholics in Wyoming.  It is a huge task, and with a staff of 15 full time and 3 part time people, we have our hands full.

Each of these people is completely dedicated to the work they do.  No one does this for the money, because it is just too hard for that.  Rather, each and every one of us works for the glory of God and the growth of our Faith.  I can’t tell you what an incredible blessing it is to work shoulder-to-shoulder and hand-in-hand with everyone here.

Let me introduce you to the other workers in our vineyard:

On the couch:  Connie Kassahn, Tribunal Office; Bishop Paul Etienne; Katie Hayes, Finance Office.

On the arms of the couch: Tammy Skala, Assistant to the Director of Development; Father Carl Gallinger, Pastor of St. Joseph’s Parish and Vicar General.

In the second row: Father Tom Cronkleton, Pastor of Holy Trinity Parish and Judicial Vicar; Dorene McIntyre, Assistant to the Bishop; Amy Larsen, Associate Director of Pastoral Ministries; Barb Niemann, Finance Office; Alanna Leininger, Assistant to the Legislative Liaison and Receptionist; Jeff Nieters, Finance Officer.

Holding up the backdrop: Pam Miller, Tribunal Office; Your’s Truly, Director of Stewardship and Development; Carol DeLois, Chancellor; Deacon Vernon Dobelmann, Director of Pastoral Ministries; Father Steve Titus, Director of Vocations; Deacon Mike Leman, Legislative Liaison; Larry Holub, Human Resources.

These are my co-workers, my friends.  Thanks be to God for putting me in their midst.untitled shoot-1201 (1)


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