Washakie at night and the importance of following through

Chief Washakie

Chief Washakie

Here it is, just the 3rd day of this challenge and I almost called a mulligan.

I had a full day at work, and my 15 minute walk with a camera never materialized.  I had a friend tell me yesterday that if I missed a day, no big deal.  But it is, and that was one of the big fears I had before getting started, that I would opt out if it got inconvenient.  If I tell everyone that I am doing this right from the get-go, what will they think of me when I miss a day?

I am determined not to miss a day.  I think this calls up the issue of “easy outs” and commitment to doing what one says he will do.  The fact that this is public gives me great inspiration to actually get it done.  I can’t just turn the dial to zero and let it go, because at that point it does me no good.

The advantage to living in the state’s capitol is that I am near the State Capitol.  There are some incredible images around the building, and Chief Washakie was a very cooperative model.  I’m starting to look for interesting things to shoot, and that’s a place I was hoping to go when I started this.


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